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Czech Brass

Czech Brass Ensemble was founded in 1991, when the enthusiastic students of the Prague Conservatory. Originally it was a brass quintet that our advancing musical demands has grown by two other instruments. The main idea behind this decision was to group the top players and use their qualities. Hand in hand with this and started to expand their repertoire of music, which until then did not play yet. For this reason, they perform on bigger gigs reinforced by two guitar players on percussion. Today, they can basically fulfill all the wishes of the organizers. Czech Brass ensemble has a wide scope of interpretation. In his submissions are heard songs from the Renaissance, Baroque, Classicism, Romanticism to jazz, pop, funk and film music. Significantly there is also applied the interpretation of copyright music. In cooperation with Czech Radio creates a set of recordings of contemporary music projects that compose the leading contemporary authors, as they say so. Peace. In 2013 he wrote the song Brass ensemble Czech Czech composer Juraj Filas, the famous author komponující often for brass instruments. All members of the group are people in their places. Everyone in my professional life is music very much appreciated by the public. It acts not only as orchestral players, but they have to his credit and a rich solo and chamber music activities. Some are teachers at the Prague Academy of Performing Arts.
Marek Zvolánek - trumpet
Stanislav Masaryk, Ondřej Jurčeka - trumpet
Lukáš Moťka, Stanislav Penk - trombones
Pavel Debef - bastrombone
Karel Malimánek – tube

Czech Brass - My way

Marek Zvolanek, Czech Brass, Eugen Bozza

Bossa Nova

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