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The repertoire of the Apollon Quartet includes primarily works by classical composers like Mozart, Beethoven, Dvořák and Janáček, but one can also be attracted by names rather unusual for chamber music — Gillespie, Coltrane, and Corea. These make the Apollon Quartet repertoire especially genuine. For the performance of jazz compositions they use the arrangements of the Turtle Island String Quartet. All their jazz compositions for string quartet are very impressive, charming and stand a good chance of bringing a new expression to the interpretation of chamber music. As the Apollon Quartet has been performing not only in Prague, but also on the Czech and international scene, the ensemble has managed to win the respect and favour of a wide audience and captivate listeners who follow various music trends. Czech Television has filmed and broadcast a documentary focusing solely on the Apollon Quartet and the programme enjoyed great success. The Apollon Quartet has also worked on several projects for Czech Radio, and together with the Radio Prague Symphony Orchestra gave a concert for string quartet and orchestra by Bohuslav Martinů. Thanks to this successful cooperation the Apollon Quartet has been performing as the "Czech Radio Ensemble" since 1997. Since 1995 the quartet released five classical CD recordings (Ravel, Janáček, Brahms, Schubert, Dvořák, Smetana) and two jazz CD “Apollon in Jazz” and "A Night in Tunisia". The Apollon Quartet won the international Beethoven competition and was awarded a prize for the best interpretation of a Beethoven work there. They also took part in the final of the international music competition in Düsseldorf and participated in master workshops in the Netherlands and Germany where they played with performers of the Fine Arts Quartet and Alban Berg Quartet. The ensemble has also performed at a number of prestigious festivals, such as the Bruckner Festival in Karlsruhe, the Chamber Music Festival in Bolzano, and others, and has gone on several successful tours in Japan, Spain, Germany, England, Belgium and other countries.


Štěpán Pražák — violin
Radek Křižanovský — violin
Pavel Ciprys — violin
Pavel Verner — violoncello
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Apollon Quartet 
Quartet No. 6 In G Minor 
Saint George / Apollon Quartet
Apollon Quartet 
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John Henry, Audiophile Audition 2007
review CD A Night in Tunisia, vyd. Cube/Metier
"... The game is a very high standard and premium sound recording is (...) Apollon Quartet consists excellently loop players. Ten of the eleven songs are arrangements of Turtle Island String Quartet - mostly by David Balakrishnan, who founded the Turtle Island - and as good as the original. (...) Who says string quartets knows how to swing? Apolloni do it better than any other jazz-oriented string quartets ... "
Věroslav Němec, Harmony 11/2005
review CD Joseph de Bologne de Saint-George:
Six string quartets op. 14, vyd. Avenira, distr. Panther
Body: ***** 5 z 6
"... Apollon Quartet on this CD just reaffirmed that we are among the best ensembles. Music is his administration clear, clear, clear, with a twist, lightness, it breathes well-being and enjoyment of the game. (...) individual tracks (at baptism) featured a quartet violinist Pavel Kudelásek, and I must add that such a high quality and sophisticated accompanying word we hear at concerts rarely ... "
Eva Vítová, Harmony 1/2006
"... Contemporary overlay track (file Luke quartet premiered in 1999) parts composers, whose works are on stage very few reported even after a hundred years of sound more than a modern, courage. Apollon Quartet he was a" lucky they wished ". Types of Carl Nielsen, which passed in 1901-resonant premiere (...), literally enthused audience, no small thanks to the interpretation of the quartet. Their belief in the correctness of the elections has brought to perform admirable service life. rythmicality sharp, pungent and striking melodic structure of the chamber instrumental observations so far must be about the same age Dvorak, all this has brought a rewarding experience. (...)
Apollon Quartet played Luke statement with enthusiasm and understanding of contemporary compositional statement. (...) The concert Apollon Quartet gave the audience a unique opportunity to focus feature perception of music of the 20th century ... "
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